Mercadia Online.

We hope your stay is a pleasant one.

Welcome To Mercadia

As you open your eyes the bright light burns them....Where are you? ... How did you get here?

You here voices around you and the clanking of armor. You close your eyes for a second and re-open them. Your vision is clearing.

A voice says "Welcome to the temple of Skua"

This is where your adventure will begin.


About Us.

Mercadia is a free graphical online multiplayer role playing game based off of the now shut down Mercenaries of Astonia.
Mercadia has been up and running since December 2004 and has an active, friendly community of many players.


Aug 27, 2009 by Skyfire

Greetings Mercadians, I am pleased to announce that the game is back online. We are currently under new management so please give a warm welcome to your Greater God Danu and her God companions Sphere and Spyvsspy. You will all be pleased to know that Lockrim is still with us and although he is no longer an active member of the team he will try his best to join us when ever he can. The download link on the website has been fixed so on behalf of the rest of the admin I’d like to welcome you back to Mercadia with a weekend of special events beginning on the 5th of September! Details can be found on the forum closer to the time.

Older News


Nov 30, 2008 by Lockrim

Added server Information page some of the links on it not working atm but will organise those next week. Also the cgi pages need formating to new site layout but at least it online now ;)

Nov 28, 2008 by Lockrim

Added more content, I think will stick with this template/layout. Also added sprite extractor for those that want to customise game graphics or extract them for making a fansite. I have added Estherus old Forever Untold website just so is a fansite link there. His site as you can guess is about 3 years out of date as not been called Forever Untold for ages ;)

Nov 27, 2008 by Lockrim

Well as you can see work is underway on the new site. Am undecided if like this template/layout atm. So don't be suprised if when you next visit it hasn't changed again.

Nov 25, 2008 by Lockrim

Forum registrations have been temporarily suspended, Anyone wanting a forum account can get one by emailing me at please include your game characters name in the email.

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